The hottest paint factory was fooled. The water in

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Paint factory cheated! The water in this industry is too deep...

paint factories were deceived! The water in this industry is too deep...

October 26, 2020

recently, some coating enterprises have reported to coating procurement that the new equipment purchased by the factory has rusted and fallen paint, which makes people wonder how the new equipment can be worn out before it is used? After repeated verification, it turned out that these were second-hand equipment recycled by equipment enterprises, and they were sold as brand-new equipment after being renovated like a "makeover". Does such an industry "black curtain" really exist

when the second-hand equipment is sold as a new one, it is found that the enterprise claims

the person in charge of a coating enterprise said that they had encountered such a situation. The paint enterprise once purchased latex paint production equipment of more than 500000 yuan from Beijing Sedley Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Sedley"). According to the contract, the early payment has been paid in full. However, rust and other abnormalities were found not long after the equipment arrived at the factory. After careful inspection, it was found that this batch of products mostly have this problem, which is the paint "refurbished" from second-hand equipment. After negotiation with Beijing Saideli, the final payment of more than 100000 yuan was not paid. Part of the second-hand equipment in this batch was replaced, and the other part was no longer handled. It was only considered as buying defective products, which finally ended in nothing. However, since then, the coating enterprise has no longer cooperated with Beijing Sedley. Zhou has brought confidence to the extruder enterprise, and the edge enterprises are also more vigilant towards this equipment enterprise

some coating enterprises said that the product price of Beijing Sedley is not low in the industry, and even higher than the average price of the industry. Although the recovery of second-hand equipment and the later "renovation" and "processing" require a part of the cost, it is much lower than the production cost of new products. With low cost and high selling price, its profit can be seen

accounts receivable reached 130 million, and the industry fell into vicious competition

according to Beijing Sedley's 2020 semi annual report, most of its customers are in the coating industry and material industry, including Baojun coating, Chenyang group, Huabao, etc. Its accounts receivable in the first half of the year reached 130 million yuan. Among the top five accounts receivable, Baojun paint owes 34.8 million yuan, Chenyang group owes 26.5 million yuan, with high-speed, there is no low-speed, Weite high-tech energy technology owes 13.24 million yuan, Huabao owes 6.33 million yuan, and Jiangsu dada transportation materials owes 3.69 million yuan

in terms of other receivables, the top five include 670000 yuan of deposits and advances, including the bid security of sankeshu kettles

if the second-hand equipment mentioned by the coating enterprise is "shoddy", it is unknown whether the equipment of Beijing Sedley applied by other enterprises also exists, but it is not a powerful country. It is a good thing to renovate second-hand equipment and reuse resources. If you renovate second-hand things and sell them first-hand, it is suspected of commercial fraud

recycling second-hand equipment has become a "fertilizer gap"

in recent years, the situation in the coating and even chemical industry is relatively difficult. Under the pressure of stricter environmental protection and shutdown, the superimposed economic situation is more severe, and many coating enterprises can't stick to it. Whether it is factory closure or bankruptcy and delisting, more and more enterprises have fallen. When the factory is closed down, the equipment will be sold to realize asset liquidation; When the funds are urgent, they will choose to mortgage and transfer the plant equipment to raise funds; In addition, some enterprises involved in lawsuits and bankruptcy applications are also facing legal auction of warehouse equipment in the factory... In other words, the number of second-hand equipment on the market is increasing, and the recycling of second-hand equipment and resale has become a "fat difference"

these second-hand equipment have been used for different years, and their operating conditions are uneven. Although they may not be completely damaged, they are still different from first-hand brand-new products. It will not only affect the production efficiency and increase the maintenance cost in the process of use, but also affect the yield of downstream enterprises. If the inspection is not in place, it is more likely to bring potential safety hazards. Buying second-hand equipment at the price of new products will not only cause economic losses, but also bring a shadow to downstream customers that can meet more than 70% of the production raw material supply of the enterprise

in order to reduce costs and seek greater benefits, let inferior and untrustworthy products flow to the market. This behavior seeks benefits and loses morality, and even violates the law, which not only damages the interests of downstream customers, but also affects the order of the whole industry

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