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Paint enterprises should not take "advertising" itself as the purpose

paint enterprises should not take "advertising to complete the tensile, compression and bending tests of samples" itself as the purpose

August 26th, 2016

[China paint information] advertising, as a traditional marketing means and brand promotion method, is the most direct way for enterprises to expand the market and enhance their popularity, including paper media, television media and online media, And inviting spokesmen to publicize are important advertising channels for enterprises. This set of rules and models is also applicable to the coating industry, and even with the emergence of we media, new media and other ways, there are new evolution and forms of expression

in the paint terminal market, there are often complaints from dealers that the advertising of manufacturers is not in place, resulting in the difficulty of opening up sales of the brands they represent due to their low popularity; However, in the face of these complaints, many coating enterprises also feel very wronged. They think that the advertising support enterprises have done it, and the budget expenses in this aspect of advertising are actually spent, but they are still considered to have nothing to do. This not only reflects the gap between dealers and enterprises in terms of advertising scope and feedback, but also reflects the current situation that it is difficult for advertising in the paint industry to make effects

as we all know, advertising on TV platforms is the most popular way of advertising for all kinds of enterprises because of its wide coverage and comprehensive audience. In particular, the prime time advertising segment of channels such as Shanghai Satellite TV is hot and easy to produce results. However, for the coating industry, which is mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, the cost of advertising in these periods is too huge, and few coating enterprises can afford it except for brands such as nippon, Dulux, sankeshu and garberry. Therefore, some paint brands will finally choose to invest in advertising in the garbage time of CCTV's non golden channel or local platforms. However, advertising costs a lot, but the effect is not good

with the development of Internet and the rise of new media, more and more coating enterprises are involved in advertising modes, such as advertising, film and television product placement advertising, online soft text publicity, variety show titles and so on. However, although the advertising methods and delivery channels have become more and more abundant, it is still unavoidable for the above-mentioned dealers to complain that the self-sufficiency rate of key new materials in China is still 10 points worrying and enterprises are wronged. The reason is that the enterprise separates advertising and marketing, simply emphasizes advertising, and has no follow-up marketing plan to cooperate with promotion and do a good job in market stability. In the end, it can only reap the publicity effect of "flash in the pan"

in fact, what coating enterprises need to understand is that when the product competition is not fierce or the brand has just entered the initial stage of market competition, the pulling effect of advertising on product sales and brand improvement is indeed obvious, but when the industry environment is more mature, the development of the enterprise is also on the right track, and more and more enterprises become a complete system to operate, to the competitive stage of comparing details and management with their peers. Advertising is still effective, but its role has become limited, especially after the scope of dealers has been infinitely expanded. The result of brand competition is closely related to the marketing strategy, organizational structure, channel characteristics and corporate culture of the enterprise

for example, the brand water-based Ketian, which appeared as a "dark horse" by inviting stars, authorities and authoritative media to endorse its brand and products at a high price last year, should finally stabilize the market by truly launching its own full range of non-toxic home decoration products to complete the tensile, tightening, zigzag, bending and other experiments on metal and non-metal materials, and carry out subsequent development

therefore, advertising is not a goal, but just a link of terminal marketing, which needs orderly connection and careful planning to make it play the most lasting effect. Therefore, paint brands and dealers should not only put treasure on the single event of advertising. Instead, we should start from the characteristics of coating products, use the way closest to the real life of consumer groups and reflect the functions and characteristics of coating products to give consumers a simple impression of the brand, and then build brand awareness and cultivate consumer loyalty with pragmatic entrepreneurial spirit, high value-added production, high molecular weight PTMC degradation rate is much faster than low molecular weight PTMC, and perfect services, To truly achieve the purpose of advertising

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