The hottest paint factory has been stopped polluti

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The paint factory's polluted environment was stopped

the paint factory's polluted environment was stopped

April 18, 2005

residents nearby said that the river water was no longer usable

at about 9 p.m. on April 14, Changsha Kaifu finally showed the results of force measurement and deformation on the display screen. Shi meiqun, a resident of liaojiadu fruit forest branch in the upper District, was preparing to go out. Suddenly, he smelled a particularly unpleasant gas, Ms. Shi immediately felt a burst of burning pain in her throat because of the strain gauge pasted on the surface of the elastic element. That night, more than 10 households living in the nearby fishery branch and hundreds of residents of Huanyu quartz sand Co., Ltd. were deeply affected. After hearing the news, Changsha Kaifu District Environmental Protection Bureau and Safety Supervision Bureau rushed to the scene immediately and ordered the chemical plant to stop production immediately. The chemical plant is Changsha Xinyu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. The company produces a kind of paint called "photosensitizer"

some places are barren

Changsha Xinyu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is located on a hillside in liaojiadu, Kaifu District. At noon on April 15, when it arrived at the scene, the company had stopped production. But the unpleasant pungent smell can still be smelled at the scene. The sewage and waste discharged by the company led to the loss of vegetation in some places

local residents often smell odor

liaojiadu fishery branch is more than 10 meters away from the fence behind the factory. Resident Fu Jianping said that the factory has been built here for five or six years. Usually, the exhaust emissions of the factory are from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. Since last April, residents have been awakened by this unpleasant gas every day when they sleep. This gas is like the smell of calcium carbide powder. People can control the operation of the experimental machine through the console, and it is like the smell of hydrochloric acid and alkali. According to Fu Jianping, because the plant is located on a hillside, the odor will float to different places with different wind directions. More than 10 households of the nearby liaojiadu fishery branch and a dozen households of the Guolin branch are deeply affected. Even residents of Fengyu village and Xinhua brigade across the Laodao river often smell the odor

Peng Yi of Huanyu quartz sand Co., Ltd. said that Huanyu quartz sand Co., Ltd. was 300 meters away from Changsha Xinyu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. at about 4 a.m. on April 13, the chemical plant suddenly released "white gas", which made most residents unable to sleep. Some residents could smell this unpleasant gas even if they closed the doors and windows and covered their heads in the quilt, I feel dizzy and nauseated after smelling this gas

after receiving the residents' feedback, the staff of Changsha Environmental Protection Bureau, Changsha Kaifu District government, Kaifu District Environmental Protection Bureau and Kaifu District Safety Supervision Bureau rushed to the scene immediately. After on-site investigation, it was found that the chemical plant did produce unidentified gas. That night, In accordance with the relevant provisions of the environmental protection law of the people's Republic of China and the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of air pollution, the environmental protection department issued an environmental on-site supervision document to the chemical plant that immediately "stop production, do not start production until the environmental protection department has tested and reached the standard, and go to the environmental protection department for treatment on April 15, 2005"

according to Liu Sheng, director of the 110 Office of Kaifu District Environmental Protection Bureau, previously, they had received many complaints about the emission of unidentified gases from the chemical plant, and the staff had been testing the plant. That night, when the law enforcement personnel arrived at the scene, they smelled a disgusting smell. Later, the legal person learned that these gases were discharged from its "reaction kettle". Then, Staff from the monitoring station of Changsha Environmental Protection Bureau went to the scene to take samples

A staff member surnamed Shi of Changsha Xinyu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. said that their production was approved by the environmental impact assessment report and safety assessment report. The above gases were only produced accidentally in the production process. Although they had some impact on local residents, none of the local residents were hospitalized or treated

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