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PageMaker garbled code solution (III)

IV. garbled code caused by word graphics

this is the most common situation. The garbled code problems asked by many people on the Internet are caused by this reason. Moreover, this kind of garbled code is also "terrifying". Originally, there are only a few pages of text. Because word contains pictures, after clipping and pasting to PageMaker, the number of pages in PageMaker can soar to hundreds of pages, and each page is full of strange characters. As shown in Figure 10 and Figure 11

Figure 10 dense strange characters

figure 11-ti1.16 crazy page number

if this phenomenon occurs when you open word, you can solve it through the following steps:

1 In word, it is the best way to delete the original graphics and images, including shading, and save them as TXT documents

2. Select the content to be typeset in PageMaker and copy it

3. Open PageMaker, create a new document, and choose the "article" command under the "" menu. Therefore, it is of great practical significance. In the window, press the compound key "ctrl+v" to paste the text

4. Just put the article in

become an important window to comprehensively show China's plastic industry. Fifth, punctuation will also be garbled

in order to avoid this kind of phenomenon, like the garbled code caused by word graphics, the whole document will be garbled, but only a part of it, or even a line of it. Figure 12 is a picture of this situation

figure 012

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