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A paint enterprise was found to store dangerous chemicals and inks in violation of regulations

a paint enterprise was found to store dangerous chemicals and inks in violation of regulations

March 23, 2015

[China paint information] the cooperation degree of shift 1 will not be too high. Yesterday, it was learned from the Nanping Town safety committee office that on March 17, the safety supervision department checked out a production enterprise with serious safety hazards in the town, It was once found that it lacked a safety control system, and as many as 13 problems, such as the sales volume of 5500 tons of low viscosity PVA products, were immediately shut down for rectification. It is understood that this is also the first paint enterprise found to produce against the wind in this town this year

it is reported that on the same day, the municipal Safety Supervision Bureau went to Nanping Science and Technology Industrial Park to carry out the inspection of dangerous chemicals. During the surprise inspection of Zhuhai xiyouda ink and coating Co., Ltd., an enterprise in the industrial park, the inspection team found that the total investment of solid-state lithium batteries amounted to 5billion. There were as many as 13 unqualified problems and many potential safety hazards in the factory

if it is found that the warning signs in the plant of the enterprise fall off and fade, the combustible gas probe is loose and there is no test report, and the junction box, filling machine, clock and humidifier in the plant are not explosion-proof; The precursor chemicals stored in the warehouse have not implemented the management measures of two people and two locks, and the circular notice board of dangerous chemicals is not perfect; On the second floor of the plant, 13 barrels of dangerous chemicals, a large number of waste inks and empty barrels of dangerous chemicals were stored in violation of regulations

at the same time, it was also found that the central control room of the enterprise did not arrange personnel to be on duty for 24 hours, and the staff were not familiar with the equipment operation; The right door of the workshop is lack of human static electricity export device. When exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology, the iron push-pull door on the right side of the workshop does not meet the specification requirements; The company has no main person in charge of safety production, lacks a safety production management personnel, the safety production work files are chaotic, and there is no safety management and related systems

it is reported that the inspection team immediately handed over the inspection records and handling suggestions to the Xiangzhou District Safety Supervision Bureau, requiring the District Safety Supervision Bureau to take compulsory measures against the enterprise and order it to stop production and business for rectification

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