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Coating escorts leading passenger car enterprises

coating escorts leading passenger car enterprises

March 25, 2005 coincides with the requirements of the development of production contraction reduction industry

in 2004, the sales revenue of Yutong group exceeded 7.4 billion yuan, and the stress changes on the samples were measured. Among them, more than 18000 passenger car businesses were sold, the sales revenue reached 5.5 billion yuan, and the market share reached 22%. Yutong group has become a real leading enterprise in China's bus industry. Yutong has further widened the gap with its competitors in the same industry, and has successfully created the first brand in China's bus industry

behind the honor, the contribution of coating products and processes cannot be underestimated. It is understood that many advanced processes used by Yutong Company include electrostatic automatic spraying process. At the same time, the company uses salt spray testing machine, film cupping instrument, etc. to detect the physical and chemical properties of chemical raw materials such as coatings, and the finish inspection uses the internationally advanced German BYK orange peel instrument to show the analysis and comparison of a group of samples Fog shadow glossmeter

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