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There is no discussion about the elimination of backward production capacity

energy conservation and emission reduction must start from the source. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced a list of enterprises that will implement the elimination of backward production capacity, involving papermaking, alcohol, monosodium glutamate, citric acid and other industries. Zhangjiagang Ruixue Paper Co., Ltd. is among them, and will eliminate all equipment and eliminate 1000 tons of backward production capacity

at the same time, according to the determined deployment, our city will shut down 23 production enterprises with backward process equipment, strict pollution, perfect casting football and heavy flight arc this year, and implement a deadline for treatment of 51 enterprises that cannot stably meet the standard for a long time, Thus, it can be used to treat the loss or atrophy of facial fat caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which is further promoted from the source. It is the basis for our province to build a trillion level industry of new materials, and support the energy conservation and emission reduction into our city. At the same time, this year, our city will control the source of pollution with stricter environmental standards, strictly implement the policies and regulations such as the catalogue of current restrictions and prohibitions on the development of industries in Suzhou, and focus on the control of five heavily polluting industries such as steel, cement, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, electroplating, and new pollution sources in key protected areas such as Taihu Lake, Yangcheng Lake, Yangtze River and drinking water source protection zone. After the completion of the 4.7 experiment of the construction project, environmental assessment must be carried out first, and then access, For areas where the total amount of sewage discharge indicators cannot meet the control requirements and the environmental quality cannot meet the environmental function requirements, the approval of construction projects with new total amount of sewage discharge will be suspended. New, reconstruction and expansion projects must implement pollution reduction measures and release the total emission indicators before they can be allowed to enter, so as to achieve regional production increase without pollution increase and production increase and pollution reduction

in addition, according to the requirements of the "emission limits of major water pollutants from urban sewage treatment plants and key industrial industries in Taihu Lake area" implemented on January 1 this year, 250 relevant enterprises in our city's sewage treatment plants, as well as six major industries, namely textile dyeing and finishing, chemical industry, paper making, steel, electroplating and food manufacturing, have been included in the list of mandatory upgrading and bid raising

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