The hottest production line of coated white board

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Hubei Province's largest single machine capacity Coated Whiteboard production line is about to pilot production

the dynamics of Hubei Changjiang HSBC Paper Co., Ltd. has always been concerned by the industry. In 2017, HSBC paper decided to partially adjust the paper machine equipment to produce G-tube paper, with an annual capacity of 500000 tons, and planned to start production in December of that year. With the approval of new projects of many domestic packaging paper giant enterprises, Plus the import ink "> the strict control of the impurity content of waste paper has led the enterprise to quickly make a decision to change the production of Coated Whiteboard.

recently, I learned the latest progress of the company. After more than half a year of equipment adjustment and improvement, the installation of HSBC paper equipment has come to an end recently, and it is planned to start trial production in early July. The improvement of the equipment is mainly the addition of secondary flotation deinking equipment in the pulping part, and the addition of three coaters in the paper machine part. After production, it will be produced At present, no manufacturer of this kind of experimental machine has produced Coated Whiteboard, and the design output can reach 500000 tons/year. This paper machine will become the whiteboard coating machine with the highest single machine output in Hubei Province at present

the paper machine put into production was installed in 2012, and has been producing gram box paperboard since its startup, with an annual output of 450000 tons

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