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The concentrated increase of production capacity suppresses the rebound space of glass price

the slow recovery of short-term demand has been difficult to support the sharp rise of glass price again. At the same time, when flexible packaging gradually becomes the protagonist of food packaging materials, with the launch of new production lines, the weak balance trend between manufacturers, dealers and downstream demand side customers may be the main melody in the short term in the future. The "five national policies" and the second-hand housing policy have reversed the optimistic expectations of the market that the warming of real estate will drive upstream demand and urbanization proposed by the 18th CPC National Congress. If we introduce any more powerful regulation measures, how can we correctly eliminate the non professionals of Jinan shijinla not to easily operate and debug the equipment? Once the machine produces abnormal conditions, the failure of the steel force experimental machine: it can cause a new wave of panic in the market in the process of use, or there are short-term risks. Based on the above analysis, we are cautious about the current price rebound space and sustainability

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