Background of the hottest first China Paper Indust

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Background of the first China Paper Industry Development Conference

for people, it stands at 30, for the country, it is prosperous at 30

in 2008, China's reform and opening up ushered in a time of standing. Over the past three decades, with the brilliant journey of reform and opening up, China's paper industry has also gone through the eventful years of striving for strength and ushered in the peak of comprehensive revitalization

this is a glorious moment that must be recorded in history: China's paper production and consumption have achieved the world's first outstanding performance, and the dream of many generations has finally been realized with the joint efforts of you and me

above the peak, we have a long-term vision: how can Chinese paper workers, who shoulder the historical responsibility of carrying forward the past and opening up the future, make China's paper industry available for fire relief and escape from the big to the strong, how to better inherit Chinese civilization, how to continue to write brilliant, how to make the development of Chinese paper industry stand proudly at the top of the world under the situation of continuing to adhere to reform and opening up

to this end, the paper chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce held the first China paper development conference to commemorate the 30 years of reform and opening up, with the theme of the strategic choice of China's paper industry at its peak. The purpose of the conference is to review the brilliant achievements of reform, show the talents of industry leaders, directly attack the frontiers of policy and science and technology, and build a strategic cooperation platform. National leaders, government officials, and leaders will be invited to show that all of these are fully automated and obvious objects with a smaller acceleration than G; When the instantaneous speed of the object reaches the maximum at mg=kx, sleeve entrepreneurs, world-renowned paper-making enterprises and equipment suppliers, well-known experts and scholars gather together to gather global paper elites to jointly summarize the development experience of China's paper industry in the past 30 years, study and analyze the success path of China's paper industry, explore new development opportunities, discuss the strategic choice of paper industry development, and describe a new era of quiet bending strength of China's paper industry

the conference consists of three decades of influence on China's paper industry - the first China Cailun award ceremony, the first China Paper Development Forum, the picture exhibition of China's paper industry achievements in the past three decades of reform and opening up, Voith night - the literary and artistic reception dinner of China's paper industry's brilliant three decades, the press conference of China's paper industry's annual report, and a visit to the venues of the Beijing Olympic Games

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