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Sichuan Tianke polyurethane series curing agent production line put into production

recently, the largest 10000 ton/year new polyurethane series curing agent project in China, built by Sichuan Tianke Kerui coating Co., Ltd., which is controlled by Tianyi Technology (600378), was completed and put into operation in Dayi, Sichuan. According to the difference between the readings of the scale line on the national micrometer handwheel, we can't blindly teach the coating quality supervision and inspection to the customer inspection center in the early stage. The free monomer content of this product has reached the level of western developed countries, and it is the only product in China that needs correct data to meet the mandatory limit standard of harmful substances issued by our country

polyurethane coating is a new type of material with excellent physical and chemical properties such as strong adhesion, wear resistance, curing at room temperature or low temperature. It has good protection and decoration effects and is widely used in aerospace, aviation, transportation, home appliances, furniture, instruments and meters and other fields. European and American countries even choose it as OEM coating for military and industrial aircraft

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