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The production line is becoming more and more "flexible". The same production line can produce 10 kinds of car bodies

generally speaking, what a model produces is an item of one type, but at present, there is such a production line, which can produce a variety of car bodies of different sizes and appearances

on September 2, this new technology was comprehensively displayed at the 2010 body advanced manufacturing technology forum held by Juyi automation equipment Co., Ltd. and Hefei University of technology. Domestic cars will also have high-level domestic equipment production lines to achieve full localization. Relevant experts from JAC Automobile Co., Ltd. revealed

the production line is becoming more and more flexible

) the same production line can produce bodies of different sizes. Zhao Tao, vice president of the Process Engineering Institute of JAC automobile company, said that this is the biggest innovation of advanced body manufacturing technology

at present, automobile enterprises in our province, including JAC and Chery, have already had such flexible technology. In this way, more than a dozen car bodies and models can be produced from one production line. In the past, one production line produced one type of vehicle, which resulted in a waste of resources and could not keep up with the market demand

it is understood that similar industrial machine manufacturing technology and industrial robot integrated application technology are the final embodiment of the automation level of general manufacturing equipment in the advanced automobile market. At present, the localization rate of automotive automation equipment in China is less than 30%

robot automatic production lines will become more and more flexible in the future, and more and more domestic cars will be produced on domestic production lines. As far as Jiangqi is concerned, it has achieved the development of the domestic leading robot automatic welding line

we have the first automatic welding line with 60 robots in China, and the production demand of Jianghuai Tongyue can be fully met. Zhao Tao revealed that a production line for the application of 200 robots in a single line is under development

585 new cars will be operated within the year

will such a flexible production line be applied to new energy vehicles

that's for sure. Ni Bao, a staff member of Chery Automobile planning and Design Institute, said without hesitation that flexibility and numerical control are the trend of advanced body manufacturing technology

Chery, which will invest a batch of new energy vehicles in September this year, said so, and JAC also gave a positive answer. Zhao Tao revealed that 585 new energy taxis will be put on the Hefei market by the end of this year

the cost is still relatively high at present, but this model with 15 kwh battery capacity can get a subsidy of 45000 yuan from the state, and at the same time, the province will give a subsidy of 10000 yuan. With the continuous upward help of the boom of new energy vehicles at home and abroad, 55000 yuan is exactly the price of batteries. In this way, the cost of buying new energy vehicles is about the same as that of ordinary cars

Zhao Tao said that this batch of new energy vehicles will be offline in October this year to ensure that they will be put into use by the end of the year

breakthroughs in automotive technology are being planned

there are fewer and fewer parts of the finished materials that can transmit stress, which will be further reduced, but this is not the business of one or two automotive companies. Wang Zhiyuan, vice president of JAC automobile group, said that at present, for new energy vehicles, the company, Hefei University of technology and Juyi automation equipment Co., Ltd. have begun new research and planning new breakthroughs

now the three companies have jointly established a new energy engineering institute, which is carrying out research and development day and night. It is expected that there will be breakthroughs in many technologies, including electronic control, in 2011

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