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Safety requirements for hand-held tools of electric machinery

(1) the electrical devices of all kinds of construction machinery should be under the responsibility of a specially assigned person, and must be inspected regularly according to the procedures. Equipment that has not been inspected and confirmed as qualified by the power (machinery) department should not be used

(2) all kinds of low-voltage electrical equipment used on site without any damage and parameter error should have clear nameplate, and its insulation resistance should not be less than 0.5 m. If it is used in the open air, a certain parameter of the gas spring can also be measured separately. The electrical equipment should have good performance and rainproof measures

there are few technical talents in the instrument industry (3) the power line (load line) of all kinds of electrical equipment must be selected according to its capacity. For the load line of submersible motor, waterproof sheathed cable shall be used, and the length shall not be less than 1.5m

(4) hand held electric tools should be equipped with leakage protectors, plate vibrators, stone grinders, rammers, water pumps and other operating handrails that frequently move machines and tools. Insulation measures must be taken. The power line should not exceed 50m, and special personnel should be assigned to adjust it. It is strictly prohibited to use it by winding and twisting

(5) the welding equipment should be placed in a rain proof, dry and ventilated place, and its shell should be intact. 1、 The terminal at the secondary side shall be protected by a protective cover. The length of rubber cable used for the primary side power line shall not exceed 5m; The length of rubber copper core flexible cable used at the secondary side should not exceed 30m, and it should not be twisted

(6) the shell, handle, switching power line, plug, etc. of hand-held electric tools used on the construction site must be intact, and the length of the power line shall not exceed 361% 5m higher than the annual 38.21 billion yuan in 2015

(7) all kinds of hand-held electric tools must comply with the national standards gb3787-82 and gb3883-12-83. Class II tools can be used in general places; When working in wet places and on metal frames, class III tools shall be used, and leakage protectors with rated leakage current not greater than 30 Ma and action time less than 0.1s shall be equipped for use

(8) explosion proof hand-held electric tools and appliances should be used in places with flammable, explosive or corrosive gases

(9) in dusty and humid areas or places easy to touch human body, closed low-voltage electrical appliances should be used

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