Safety requirements and regulations of the hottest

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Safety requirements and regulations of the printing plant

1. Personal behavior and character:

a. no playing, joking, throwing tools, splashing water, etc., because these actions may cause serious harm

b after handling the potions and solutions, wash your hands with warm water and soap, especially before eating

c. avoid eating snacks or meals based on 70 liters at work

d. the work clothes are stained with potion or ink and should be replaced

2. Work permit:

when dispensing potions or adjusting machines, everyone must get the appropriate training and guidance, and should also get the permission of the department head

3. Precautions for liquid medicine treatment:

a. the liquid medicine should be placed in the bottom box of the shelf

b. the mixing should be carried out at the air circulation place

c. when dispensing the potion, you should wear eye protectors, keep some distance between your body and the potion, and turn your head to one side

d. the correct way to mix the potion is to infiltrate it into the water

e. if the potion spills on the ground, it cannot be absorbed with sawdust, because it may cause fire. Because we should dilute it with water and open all doors at the same time

f. all potions that break through technical bottlenecks and limitations should be marked on the label

4. Precautions against fire:

a. smoking is not allowed

b. all kinds of fire extinguishers should be available, familiar with the location and usage, and should be checked frequently

c. hold fire drills frequently, be familiar with the location of the alarm bell, and remember the fire department number

d. inflammable objects are not allowed to be placed in the plant

e. do not use safe and allowed solvents for cleaning. All used cloth blocks should be placed in covered containers

f. waste paper cannot be piled on the floor or under any machine

g. Once you see the price is also very different, you can choose the oil stains according to the customer and wipe them off immediately, which can prevent slipping

h, in case of fire. First turn off the main power supply, ring the alarm bell to warn the boss and partners, and contact the fire department to try to put out the fire with fire extinguishers. If it fails, you should leave the scene immediately and assemble in a safe place. When leaving, ensure that all personnel leave, and then close the doors and windows

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