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Safety regulations for daily maintenance of electricians

I. investigate the maintenance site

before the maintenance, investigate the status of the equipment to be repaired and the on-site working environment, and check the potential safety hazards of the equipment to be repaired

equipment status: the running track and related actions of various parts of the equipment during operation

the inherent state of each part of the equipment when it stops and the possible action during misoperation

II. Hold maintenance safety meeting

1 Determine the maintenance equipment

introduce the overview of the equipment and explore the environment of the equipment

2. Determine the maintenance personnel and assign their respective tasks

maintenance person in charge: be responsible for the organization and implementation of the whole maintenance work, the arrangement and implementation of maintenance safety measures, and the control of maintenance quality

maintenance personnel: responsible for the specific implementation of maintenance work, the implementation of safety measures, and the control of maintenance quality

Safety Supervisor: be responsible for the arrangement of safety measures, check and supervise the implementation of safety implementation, and have the right to order the maintenance personnel to stop working and order them to rectify if any potential safety hazard is found

3. Arrange safety measures

for the potential safety hazards on the site, arrange corresponding safety measures. The maintenance personnel work together, and it is forbidden to work alone. When the personnel are insufficient, the operation should be stopped

4. Work arrangement

explain the specific process of maintenance, assign the work of maintenance personnel to the field equipment, and immediately stop the machine and remove the die head when the extrudate is completely converted from processing resin to clean resin

note: the maintenance safety meeting shall be recorded

III. power failure, listing, tripartite confirmation

before maintenance, confirm the power supply to be repaired. Spray free materials can be used as a common power supply for multiple equipment that can replace traditional environmental protection materials, and power off operation can be carried out without affecting other equipment. If some equipment is hindered, it can be temporarily disconnected after taking safety measures for thread take-up. The power supply controlled by one equipment can be cut off directly. No matter what the power supply is, it must be observed: first disconnect the branch power supply, and then disconnect the main power supply. First disconnect the air circuit breaker, and then disconnect the disconnector. After the power failure operation is completed, hang a sign prohibiting switching on at the operable part, indicating the team, person in charge of maintenance, maintenance time, content and contact information, and the safety officer is responsible for supervision

IV. implement safety protection measures

the person in charge of maintenance and the Executor shall wear labor protection appliances and implement safety protection measures according to the site conditions

1. For equipment parts that fall, move or rotate, add support frames, sizing blocks or protective fences. BIC additives launched a unique byko2block ⑴ 200 barrier additive

2 at the exhibition For the equipment with electric shock caused by misoperation, the grounding wire can be connected

3. For equipment with high temperature scald risk, 1. The friction resistance of pointer bearing, pendulum bearing and force measuring transmission parts is too large: it is mainly to adjust and clean bearings and force measuring transmission parts To eliminate abnormal friction resistance, first measure the temperature with a temperature measuring gun, and then carry out the operation when the temperature drops to the operable temperature with labor protection gloves

4. Safety belts must be worn when working at heights. Before wearing, the safety belt must be thoroughly checked to ensure that there is no damage before use

5. When working in the environment with strip steel passing through, a thick strip steel must be used to separate the maintenance personnel from the moving strip steel

6. Before the maintenance of multi-point control equipment, the control points must be handled one by one to prevent maloperation, and the no operation board must be hung

after the implementation of safety protection measures, the safety supervisor must carry out safety inspection, and the subsequent work can be carried out only after the inspection is qualified

v. carry out maintenance according to the requirements of the maintenance procedure card

the person in charge of maintenance arranges the maintenance work in strict accordance with the maintenance items in the maintenance card

the maintenance personnel shall carry out maintenance one by one according to the tasks assigned by the maintenance person in charge, and ensure the integrity and high quality of maintenance. During the maintenance process, you should always keep a clear head, treat every detail carefully, and be ready to send power at any time

the safety supervisor shall supervise and remind intermittently. Once any potential safety hazard is found, he shall immediately stop the maintenance and make rectification. The operation can be continued only after the rectification is qualified

in case of cross operation during maintenance, the person in charge of maintenance shall contact the person in charge of the other party for coordination, and explain the nature of work and precautions to the other party. For some possible emergencies, safety protection measures should be arranged to ensure the personal safety and equipment safety of both parties

VI. self inspection after maintenance

after the maintenance is completed, the person in charge of the maintenance and the Executor shall check the maintenance items one by one at the same time. The inspection work should be careful and careful, and no screw or thread should be missed. Not only the maintenance quality should be strictly controlled, but also the appearance should be beautiful. Once any omission or irregularity is found, it should be supplemented and corrected in time to ensure that there will be no future problems

VII. Clean up the site, remove the safety protection measures, remove the license and send power

after the self inspection is qualified, the maintainer should check whether the tools he carries are complete to prevent short-circuit fault during power transmission. All sundries in the maintenance process shall be cleaned and classified as required. After cleaning, the person in charge of maintenance and the maintenance personnel shall remove the safety protection measures and prepare for delisting and power transmission. Before delisting, the person in charge of maintenance should patrol around the maintenance equipment to observe whether others are working. After confirming that there is no one, inform the person in charge of the other two parties to prepare for power transmission. Before power transmission, the safety supervisor must check the removed safety protection measures, and notify the person in charge of maintenance to send power after confirming that there are no potential safety hazards. In the process of power transmission, one person must be left at the maintenance site. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, immediately stop the power transmission. The power transmission can be continued only after the cause is found out and thoroughly handled. The power transmission sequence shall be operated in strict accordance with the safety operation procedures. The main power supply shall be sent first, and then the branch power supply; Send the disconnector first, and then the air circuit breaker. After power transmission, the person in charge of maintenance shall fill in relevant matters in the maintenance procedure card, such as maintenance hours, maintenance personnel, etc

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