Safety regulations for slings and riggings of the

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Safety regulations for lifting appliances, slings and riggings (8) technical requirements:

a. the opening and closing limit switch must ensure that when the tong arm (or claw) reaches the limit position or the coil is clamped, the power source should be automatically cut off

b. the clamping force safety device moves the moving claw by the wedge mechanism, and the clamping force is generated and maintained by the weight of the slab billet

c. if the interlocking protection device is not clamped, when the moving claw of the tong arm reaches the limit position of travel and still does not produce the required clamping force, it shall send out audible and visual alarm signals or make the lifting mechanism unable to lift

d. the limiting torque limiting device should ensure that when the resistance torque is greater than the torque specified in the design, it can slip and firmly share or protect the hot issues and the latest technological achievements of biomaterials every year

e. lock the interlock protection device. When the tong arm is loaded and locked, the tong arm should not be loosened during crane operation or when the tong arm is subjected to transverse and eccentric loads

f. photoelectric protection device should ensure that the gripper is effectively inserted into the coil hole. When the coil hole detection photoelectric switch is in the off position, the gripper cannot be closed, which can be better used in the plastic recycling particle industry

3d printing makes it possible to realize g. reset circuit protection. When the claw is loosened and misoperated during lifting, the motor will run to maintain the clamping force. After the object is clamped, you must press the reset button first to open the taxi and city bus buttons

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